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3 Cell Phone Photo Must Haves

When it comes to using your mobile phone as a camera, there are many things to consider such as MegaPixels, lenses, zoom, etc. But here are 3 items I’d highly recommend, especially if you have a USB C port, to have with you when using your phone to take photos.

1) USB C microSD Card Reader

Regardless of how much free space is on your phone or even how big your microSD card may be, extra storage is valuable. And we don’t want to eject our microSD card or connect a cable to a computer. This is where a USB C microSD card reader with OTG support comes in handy. Plug a microSD card into the reader, plug the adapter into the USB C port, and have additional storage. The beauty is that you can carry extra MicroSD cards with you and have all the storage you want.

The one I purchased and use myself is picture below. The USB C card reader (Affiliate) is very compact, comes with a small chain so you can clip on your keychain and even has a USB A adapter for use on your computer. All around an amazing drive. I’ve personally tested up to a512GB microSD card and it works amazing.

MicroSD Card Reader with keychain and USB C to USB A Adapter

2) microSD Cards

Not only have microSD cards come down in value, go up in available transfer speeds, but also increased in capacity. Coupled with a USB C microSD card adapter, you can have the storage you need when you want it. Personally, I carry several microSD cards with me, as you never know when you might need extra storage. In addition to the 128GB Samsung Evo Select (Affiliate) in my phone and not pictured, I also have a 64GB Samsung Evo Select (Affiliate), a second 128GB Samsung Evo Select (Affiliate), a 256GB Samsung Evo Select (Affiliate), and a 512GB Samsung Pro Plus (Affiliate). MicroSD cards tend to come with a plastic microSD to SD card adapter, which can be useful for using in place of a full sized SD card. Get enough of these microSD cards and you’ll have a nice pile of them.

Samsung MicroSD cards from top left (clockwise): 64GB EVO Select, 128GB EVO Select, 512GB Pro Plus, and a 256GB Evo Select

3) USB A to USB C Adapter

This can be an absolutely amazing way to use those USB thumb drives you have just laying around. a USB A (female) to USB C (male) OTG adapter can allow you to use those USB thumb drives as storage. Sure they won’t be as fast as microSD cards are, but still can be helpful for transferring files from your phone and still not take up a ton of space in your pocket or bag. The ones I use, pictured below, come as a 2 pack, which makes it nice to have a backup.

2 Pack of USB C to USB A Adapters with OTG support (make use of your USB thumb drives)