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MicroSD Card Storage

MicroSD cards are absolutely amazing. But when you have a few of them, you need some way to store them. Up until recently, that was not a huge problem. There are a wide array of storage options, from various travel pouches to simply tossing them in a small drawer unit I have on the desk. The problem has become one of necessity, as I’m facing upcoming homelessness. Even if I was not staring at being homeless, the latest solution I have found would still be absolutely amazing.

At Home Convenient At Reach MicroSD Card Storage

Before we get to the coolest storage option I have found, let’s take a look at some of the storage options thus far. Here we have this cool little desktop 2 drawer unit I picked up some time ago at the Dollar Tree. I’ve been using this at a way to not only hold microSD cards, but also to hold various USB thumb drives I have.

Portable microSD Card Storage

Now when I’m away from the house, I needed a convenient way to not only carry extra microsd cards, but also full sized SD cards for my Kodak Camera. Yes, I still use an 8MP Kodak point and shooting, barely any optical zoom. Purchased this camera refurbished back in February 2007 and it still works for some basic photos. On the go, I use this green Eco-Fused Memory Card Carrying Case, which holds standard sized SD cards. I pack the microSD cards inside SD adapters.

Ultra Pocket Portable microSD Card Storage

This solution could work for my homeless situation, but I wanted something slimmer. Something I could stick in a wallet and carry around just the microSD cards themselves, maybe with a single adapter if needed. That’s where this amazing credit card style microSD card comes in.

Yes, the one I went for is a bright safety orange, even though the listing says it is red. Had to actually adjust the camera on my phone to show as close to actual color as possible. Definitely not a color you can miss seeing. Sure, it comes in other colors from other manufacturers, but this color suits me.

As pictured, this credit card style 10 slot MicroSD card holder, plus 1 SD adapter holder, from Bandc comes as a 2 pack. Each holder comes in a plastic sleeve and both come nicely package in a little box. Each holder has a hole for adding a keyring, or you can slide it into your wallet.

I have been using one of these aluminum minimalist wallets from Lindenle, which reminds me of the old magic trick of making a bill appear to disappear. While the color definitely makes it stand out, it still fits in rather nice in this simple front pocket wallet.

MicroSD Card USB C Reader

There are a host of MicroSD card reader options. My Android phone has a USB-C data & charge port, so I use a USB-C reader. This microSD card reader supports USB OTG data transfer, which allows the microSD card to be used as a USB Drive. Using a microSD card in a reader in this way is perfect for added storage, or in my case, a drive to transfer items from the phone to be used on my laptop. The USB-C reader comes with a USB-C to USB-A adapter, which extend the functionality for easier transfers.

Buy Reputable MicroSD Cards

While it might be inviting to purchase seemingly high capacity cards from more generic brands, I’ve found it is better to stick to the major brands. Personally, I like Samsung MicroSD cards, but your mileage might variety from brand to brand. The highest capacity card I presently have is the 256GB Evo Select.

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